Administrative law

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Our team provides a full range of legal services in Ukraine on administrative disputes. We represent the interests of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in cases of appealing against decisions of any regulatory authorities both in pre-trial proceedings (in executive authorities) and court.

Clients are supported by lawyers paralegals, and accountants who have extensive experience in legal and accounting support in relations with Ukrainian state authorities and local self-government bodies.

The most common practices include tax disputes in the field of business activities: appealing against tax audit reports, tax assessment notices, and blocking tax invoices, as well as disputes with labor authorities regarding the results of inspections on compliance with Ukrainian labor legislation.

Our team of lawyers can assist in particular with the following issues:

• legal advice and drafting of a specific algorithm of actions in case of inspections by tax authorities;

• preparation for inspections by labor authorities;

• professional representation during inspections by regulatory authorities;

• appealing against legal acts of individual action;

• recognition of abnormal decisions and actions (inaction) of local governments and other state bodies and their officials as illegal;

• representation in Ukrainian courts in disputes with other controlling authorities.


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