Unfortunately, litigation happens in business too. Conflicts between counterparties can be very protracted, taking up precious time, energy, and resources, while competitors are moving forward without distraction.

Keeping a conflict out of court sometimes requires talent, skills, abilities, and knowledge. At the same time, sometimes this is not enough.

Litigation is a formalized procedure that requires professional litigation lawyers.

Before proceeding to litigation, you should use all the possibilities of mediation, engaging lawyers who will primarily use all their talents as negotiators. Often, at this stage, measures are taken, such as negotiations, correspondence, and compromise proposals.

If the previous stage did not lead to a settlement, lawyers prepare a lawsuit. At this stage, you must fully analyze the situation, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, and the risks to your business. The claim may relate to damages, fulfillment or termination of contractual obligations, etc.

«GM Lawyers» team of lawyers offers professional support in business litigation and assistance in reaching a successful resolution. We use our knowledge, experience, and resources to maximize your rights and legitimate interests.

Our team of lawyers will help with:

• legal advice and development of a specific algorithm of actions in the event of a legal dispute

• pre-trial settlement of a dispute with a counterparty;

• analysis of the prospects for litigation, existing case law on similar disputes;

• legal representation where you are a defendant or a third party;

• preparation of all necessary documents at all stages of litigation;

• support of the case until the actual execution of the court decision;

• representation of your interests in courts of various instances;

• compensation in case of unjustified claims against you.


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