White-color crime in Ukraine

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We provide legal services in the field of white-collar crime in Ukraine.

We represent the interests of legal entities and individuals before regulatory and law enforcement agencies in criminal cases related to economic and white-collar crimes, in the fight against artificially created pressure on business, and the creation of situations by law enforcement agencies "on the borderline" between civil and administrative relations and criminal ones.

In the vast majority of cases, we ensure that the case is closed without a trial. We understand that some actions in the field of economic activity can significantly damage the reputation, stability, and success of a business, so our work is based on two key principles - quality and responsibility.

So, in this niche:

• we will exhaustively advise on criminal and procedural legislation and choose the most effective defense strategy;

• initially analyze all the risks that may lead to criminal liability in doing business;

• develop a legal position and defense strategy in a criminal case, engage third-party professionals;

• provide full procedural support, documenting and participating directly in investigative actions;

• representation and defense in all courts of Ukraine and the European Court of Human Rights.


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