Transportation law

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The transportation industry is highly regulated, including cross-border rules. Ukrainian legislation, international conventions, and technical requirements all create a need for professional legal support for those involved in transportation. «GM Lawyers» provides a full range of legal services in transportation matters.

International transportation of goods and passengers is a great business opportunity, but with opportunities come legal risks. From compliance with all the requirements of international conventions and domestic laws to determining the conditions that counterparties wish to stipulate in foreign economic contracts, each aspect requires knowledge, experience, and responsibility.

Clients are accompanied by lawyers and paralegals, accountants who have extensive experience and knowledge of the regulation of any transportation and are ready to ensure that your activities comply with all legal requirements.

The main services in this area are:

• advising on rules and regulations, permits;

• obtaining the necessary licenses and permits for the transportation of goods and transportation to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation;

• drafting contracts, analyzing and amending them;

• pre-trial dispute resolution procedure: preparation of claims and demands;

• recognition of contracts as invalid in whole or in part;

• representation of interests with public authorities;

• representation of interests in Ukrainian courts until the desired decision is obtained.


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