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We provide a full range of legal services in Ukraine in the field of business law to foreign businesses and entrepreneurs in Ukraine, are well-versed in regulatory laws and other norms, and can provide excellent legal and financial support to businesses.

Ukraine, like any other country governed by the rule of law, has its own set of rules and laws for conducting legal business activities. Ukrainian legislation in this area is often changing, and Ukraine is implementing the legal standards of the European Union and other leading countries. However, the Ukrainian market is attractive for investment, as many niches are still untapped or not very competitive. Lawyers in this area have to work hard to develop their expertise for the success of their clients.

When entering the Ukrainian market, business owners need to be aware of all the legal and tax nuances that have a decisive impact on their business and its smooth operation.

We have expertise in the following areas:

• providing legal and financial advice on starting and running a business;

• business registration, corporate structuring, obtaining licenses and other permits

• representation of interests in case of breach of contractual obligations by contractors;

• drafting business contracts;

• pre-trial dispute resolution procedure: preparation of claims and demands;

• recognition of contracts as invalid;

• assistance in the execution of M&A transactions in the event of transformation, merger, accession, acquisition, or spin-off, as well as assistance in the event of the sale of a business;

• liquidation of a legal entity or termination of business.


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