Disputes in business can arise for various reasons: disagreements between partners, breaches of contracts, disputes over property rights, and other misunderstandings. In such cases, mediation becomes a powerful tool for resolving conflicts without lengthy court procedures. The GM Lawyers team provides mediation services for legal entities to effectively resolve conflicts. Clients are accompanied by lawyers paralegals, and accountants who have experience in supporting clients in the mediation process.

Mediation is a dispute resolution process in which an independent third party, a mediator, helps the parties find a mutually beneficial and reasonable solution. This dispute resolution is constructive, as the participants are actively involved in solving the problem and the result is accepted by both parties.

Mediation allows the parties to save time and resources that are usually spent on lengthy litigation. In addition, this approach helps to preserve the relationship between the parties, which can be especially important in cases where the participants plan to continue to have business or partnership relations. Mediation helps resolve conflicts by finding common solutions that meet the interests of both parties.

The main services in this area are:

• legal advice on pre-trial dispute resolution;

• analysis of documentation on the conflict case;

• creation of an individual mediation plan, taking into account the needs and specifics of your situation;

• professional representation during negotiations with your counterparty or business partner;

• drafting agreements that record the parties' agreed decisions.


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