We provide a full range of professional legal and accounting services in Ukraine for all types of bankruptcy. We represent the interests of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs wishing to declare themselves bankrupt in Ukraine in court.

Clients are accompanied by lawyers and paralegals, accountants who have extensive experience in legal and accounting support of bankruptcy. «GM Lawyers» will help you restore the solvency of an entrepreneur or legal entity: exit from business with minimal losses, as well as stop debt collection by creditors, fines and other financial sanctions, and interest on obligations to third parties.

The bankruptcy procedure is governed by the Bankruptcy Code of Ukraine and is a complex and multifaceted process. Bankruptcy is a legal opportunity to close debts and pay off all creditors.

Our team of lawyers can help with:

• analysis of documents and financial position of an entrepreneur or company;

• legal advice and preparation of a clear algorithm of actions for bankruptcy proceedings

• preparation of a restructuring plan;

• initiation of bankruptcy proceedings against an entrepreneur or company;

• verification of the legitimacy of creditors' claims;

• representing interests in the Commercial Court of Ukraine and at shareholders' meetings, as well as at the auction of the debtor's property.


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