International trade

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The world has long since crossed national borders, creating international cooperation and enormous business opportunities. International trade requires not only market knowledge but also a deep understanding of both national legislation and international legal norms.

International trade allows businesses to enter new markets, scale up, find new customers, partners, and investors, and provide access to the exchange of resources and technologies.

International trade is also subject to control and regulation by international organizations, such as the World Trade Organization, which establishes generally accepted rules for international trade Incoterms: rules for the delivery of goods that determine the parties' responsibility for transportation, insurance and risk transfer.

Numerous legal aspects and nuances make this business niche not easy, which weeds out weak market players. Our company will enthusiastically bring your business to this market or accompany an existing one to new areas, ensuring compliance with all relevant rules and avoiding risks.

Our clients can be sure that their cases are supported by a team of specialists: experienced lawyers and paralegals, accountants in legal and accounting support of international trade.

The main services in this practice area

• information support on international trade;

• tax planning to maximize benefits and reduce tax risks;

• drafting, analyzing, and amending foreign trade contracts used to conduct business in international trade;

• determination of the most favorable terms of Incoterms;

• pre-trial dispute resolution procedure: preparation of claims and demands, mediation;

• recognition of contracts as invalid in whole or in part;

• representation of interests in the courts of Ukraine until the desired decision is obtained, and its actual enforcement.


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