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Providing legal services in Ukraine in the field of contract law, we guarantee a professional approach and excellence in this area.

In today's world, business is impossible without the conclusion of various written contracts. From simple agreements between entrepreneurs to complex international contracts between businesses, they are part of our reality and business routine. Such agreements regulate and formalize the relationship between two or more parties and create commercial and legal obligations.

However, in the business world, where risks and uncertainties are often inherent in every transaction, there is a need for perfect legal support to minimize possible disputes in the future. A written contract is a good idea even if it is not required, as it ensures that the terms and conditions are clearly stated and that the parties unambiguously agree to them. Clear, legal, and well-designed agreements are the foundation for a stable and mutually beneficial relationship between the parties.

Agreements can be of various types: from the sale and purchase of goods and services to real estate, from hiring and providing services to establishing joint ventures and franchise agreements.

The main terms that should be specified in the agreement are its subject matter, cost, and terms; it is important to provide a full list of rights and obligations, as well as liability in case of breach (fines, damages, or the possibility of termination). Specifying the above terms helps to avoid inconsistencies and misunderstandings.

Do you do business in Ukraine or plan to enter into a transaction with a Ukrainian counterparty? In this case, professional legal support is crucial, and engaging a Ukrainian law firm can be a reasonable cost to minimize all contractual risks and identify potential problems before they become problems, including litigation.

The team of «GM Lawyers» in Ukraine will help you with

• legal assessment of contracts with a Ukrainian element;

• drafting, analyzing, and amending contracts

• advising on breach of contractual obligations by the counterparty;

• negotiating future contracts between the parties;

• pre-trial dispute resolution procedure: preparation of claims and demands;

• invalidation of contracts or their provisions;

• representation of interests in Ukrainian courts until the expected decision is obtained.


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