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We provide a full range of legal services in Ukraine in the field of commercial law and guarantee professional assistance to legal entities and entrepreneurs in the course of their business activities.

The responsibilities of a commercial lawyer in the field of commercial law depend on the industry in which the lawyer works, but most of our work is focused on protecting the business interests of each client by managing a wide range of risks. For example, interpreting the law to decide how to protect the client from future liability in the event of a contractual breach. Since the slightest mistake in a contract can be a serious problem for your business, lawyers' attention to detail is of paramount importance,

The daily work of the employees of «GM Lawyers» is related to the drafting of commercial contracts in the relevant industries and other documentation necessary for conducting commercial activities.

Our experience in commercial law will save you from resolving contractual conflicts that arise due to the counterparty's bad faith, for example, failure to provide goods or services or to pay for them.

In this practice, we will help you with

• legal advice on commercial activities;

• legal and accounting analysis of documentation;

• drafting contracts, analyzing and amending them;

• negotiating future contracts between the parties;

• pre-trial dispute resolution procedure: preparation of claims and demands;

• invalidation of contracts or their provisions.


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