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«GM Lawyers» has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of corporate law. We have been working with various companies for a long time, regardless of their size and industry.

Corporate law aims to provide a legal basis for business management and protection of the interests of shareholders, directors, top management, and persons related to the organization and management of the company.

We have extensive experience in corporate law and therefore can provide competent assistance on company management, relations between shareholders, participants, rights and obligations of managers and other officials, as well as support mergers and acquisitions, distribution of dividends, share issuance, etc.

Corporate law has a strong connection with tax law, so our clients are accompanied by lawyers and accountants who have extensive experience in developing strategies to optimize the company's tax liabilities and reduce tax risks.

In this area, we will help with:

• legal advice;

• establishment of business organizations;

• optimization of the corporate structure and minimization of risks;

• obtaining licenses and permits for doing business;

• drafting contracts, their "examination" and amendments;

• ensuring corporate control over the company's assets;

• protecting interests in cooperation with other parties, acting as a representative in negotiations;

• assisting in the execution of M&A transactions in the event of transformation, merger, acquisition, takeover, or spin-off, as well as assistance in the sale of a business;

• representing interests in court and the executive service.


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