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The process of employment in Ukraine can be quite challenging, especially for foreigners who are in an unfamiliar legal environment.

Employment in Ukraine requires compliance with several legal and administrative requirements, which vary depending on the status of the individual and the type of work. To ensure the legal accuracy and ease of the process, it is important to have the correct documentation that will allow you to find a job in Ukraine legally and without difficulty.

We provide professional legal assistance for legal entities, entrepreneurs, and job candidates, we are well aware of all relevant regulations and help businesses successfully establish their activities and secure their interests by preparing appropriate documentation for employment in Ukraine, including employment contracts, management contracts, corporate agreements, work and residence permits, etc.

In this area of legal relations we:

• provide comprehensive advice on the employment of foreigners in Ukraine;

• prepare all necessary documents for employment, including applications, questionnaires, certificates for submission to the relevant authorities, draft contracts, agreements

• prepare the necessary documentation for the employer, including agreements, instructions, certificates, information about the employee, and internal regulatory documents of the company;

• obtain work permits in Ukraine;

• obtain residence permits in Ukraine;

• provide support at all stages of employment of foreigners in Ukraine and labor;

• maintain company accounting records.


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