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The acquisition of every business leads to challenges for it in preserving material achievements and transferring them to other forms of asset preservation. Transfer of ownership, creation, and preservation are part of every business. Knowledge of the law in this area is a necessity. Professional activities to protect property rights in Ukraine are part of our legal routine.

Property rights allow the owner to exercise control over the property, set the rules for its use and transfer, and assert his or her rights to the property.

Property also includes copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property. This is a complex area that requires a deep understanding of the law and case law.

The main services in this area are:

• advice on property rights;

• recognition of property rights;

• reclaiming property from someone else's illegal possession or property from a bona fide purchaser

• preparation of documents and registration of ownership of real estate, intellectual property, construction in progress, and land plots;

• recognition of a trademark as well-known;

• protection against unfair competition;

• conclusion or amendment of agreements on the disposal of intellectual property rights;

• compensation for damages caused by violation of property rights;

• resolving disputes on the division of property and allocation of shares in it;

• representation of interests in the courts of Ukraine.


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